Chinese Nutritional supplements

From seeing many patients and as a biological scientist, Dr. Zhao has come to the conclusion that much of what people take as food, or nutritional supplements is not only unnecessary – it can even cause more harm than good. “There is so much confusion of what and how much to take, and whether one thing or another does anything at all,” he notes. That is why Dr. Zhao starts by explaining the basic requirement of nutrients for our bodies.
“In daily life we need amino acids (eight are necessary) from proteins; fatty acid from fat, sugar from carbohydrates and fruits, vitamins and certain minerals. Here is how to get them:

  • We should get all these nutrients from our diet (food) if possible,” he says. “So, pay attention to the quality of your food and eat regularly.”
  • If you are not sure about the quality of your food, then one Multi-Vitamin can be taken.
  • Most people eat less red meat these days. As a result Vitamin B deficiency is common. You can safely take about 400 mg of Vitamin B daily.
  • Due to reduced consumption of dairy products, Calcium and Magnesium could also be added as a supplement to diet.
  • For women, Vitamin D is very important. In fact, Dr. Zhao feels lack of Vitamin D is a key factor that contributes to ovarian cancer.
As a bottom-line please do not take more than six supplements.