Cancer Treatment

Dr. Zhao is considered an expert in the treatment of cancer with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on the topic.

Q- Does acupuncture help cancer patients?
A- Acupuncture helps cancer patients in many ways: It relieves the anxiety and panic around a cancer diagnosis. It creates a peaceful state so so they can think about what steps and how to plan treatment, and it is a very important tool in for the release of the suffering from the disease and that which is caused by conventional cancer treatment.
In addition, studies on the effect of acupuncture for cancer patients conducted by the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. National Institute of Health ( report, “Laboratory and animal studies suggest that acupuncture can reduce vomiting caused by chemotherapy and may help the immune system be stronger during chemotherapy.”

Q- How does Dr. Zhao work with cancer patients?
A- When new, cancer-diagnosed patients come to Dr. Zhao’s office, he works with the patient to make a plan to work with conventional medicines, mitigate their side effects and also administer acupuncture and herbal medicine that is known to help treat the disease.

Q- What is the role of Chinese herbs in helping cancer patients?
A- Evidence of Chinese herbs and herbal formulas used to treat tumors go back to Chinese medical texts from 200 B.C. In the modern era it has been demonstrated that Chinese herbs help at least three ways: 1- to offset the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, 2- to benefit the patient’s immune system and 3- to aid in tumor reduction. For this last Chinese herbs are known to shorten the length of time the patient needs to receive radiation and/or chemotherapy.

Q- What is the role of Dr. Zhao’s formula, Bing De Ling, in the treatment of cancer?
A- The herbal treatment Bing De Ling works on a biochemical level to directly inhibit tumor cells proliferation. Bing De Ling has been used to treat cancer patients for more than a decade with much anecdotal success. Now, the January issue of Frontiers in Bioscience reports that Bing De Ling inhibits cell proliferation in at least two ovarian cancer epithelial cell lines.
Dr. Zhao has observed that in more than 10 years of treating patients for cancer, some tumors actually stop growing because of taking Bing De Ling.

Q- How does Bing De Ling work?
Based on modern knowledge of its ingredients’ biochemical activities, Bing De Ling works to boost the body’s immune responses, to resist viral infection, and to preserve homeostatic balance. Bing De Ling also increases the body’s’ gamma interferon levels/ Zhao explains: “The body has two natural weapons: antibodies and cytokine. The gamma interferon falls into the cytokine family. “This substance can really kill the cancer cell,” says Zhao.

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