Weight Loss Treatment

Confused about what to eat and what supplements to take?

Here are Dr. Zhao’s scientific suggestions for help with “non-pathologic’ weight gain: that is weight gain that comes from improper diet, exercise and other non-disease reasons.

  • The first goal in a weight control program is to be happy and reduce stress.
  • Regular your hormones. This is especially important for women. To learn more about hormones click here.
  • Ask Dr. Zhou whether the Chinese herbs ‘Chinese Jujube’ and “Coix Seed” would be right for you. Learn more about Chinese herbs here.
  • Pay attention to your diet. It is necessary to stay conscious of the amount you eat, your eating manner, the time you eat and the food’s temperature.
  • Medical science is clear about the foods we need to be healthy: carbohydrate, protein (amino acid), fatty acid (good oils), fiber, minerals and vegetables. A no-anything, or too much anything diet will not work.
  • Enjoy more variety in your food choices.
  • Eat red meat only once a week
  • Get needed fatty acids from “good” fats like olive or flaxseed oil. Be careful about allergies to oils.
  • Take one high quality multiple vitamin per day. Learn more about vitamins here.
  • You must chew – each bite at least 30 times – for proper digestion.
  • Eat regularly – three meals a day and snacks – every four hours is ideal.
  • Avoid ice and cold drinks – this destroys your natural digestive enzymes.
  • Stay steady and balanced.